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LLC “Bug Trans Continental” offers services for repair and sale of spare parts for trucks VOLVO, RENAULT, DAF, IVECO, MAN, MERCEDES, SCANIA, FORD, trailers and semi-trailers Kögel, Schmitz, Krone, Wielton.

Cooperation with LLC “Bug Trans Continental” is always profitable and reliable!

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  • Repair of
    • • engines, suspension, toe-in angle adjustment, cooling system and its elements, braking system, fifth-wheel coupling, elements of exhaust systems and afterburn of exhaust gases, protection tripping devices, catalysts;
    • • cab frames, body components and cab suspension;
    • • systems of electrical equipment, pneumatic and electropneumatic equipment;
    • • installation and dismantling of additional equipment;
    • • replacement of body components and restoration of integrity of various structures;
    • • replacement of units, assemblies and parts (including gearboxes, axles, hubs and their bearings, belts, timing gears, starters, generators, wheels, suspension elements, steering, brake system (except for parking), electrical control systems);
    • • replacement of oil, fuel, oil and air filters, restoration of the lubrication system of units and assemblies;
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Restoration of the lubrication system of units and assemblies
  • Computer diagnostics of truck electronic systems
  • Testing of various systems of the electrical equipment, pneumatic and electropneumatic equipment
  • Preparatory work for technical inspection
  • Control and diagnostic works (determining the density of the coolant, checking the level and density of battery liquid, control of front wheel toe-in, checking the clutch pedal stroke, checking the steering play)

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